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Our Solutions

We have provided customized solution to various industry such as Medical, Engineering, Sales & Services and Distribution etc. Our host of complete solution is as below:-

Our Flagship Products

1. Manufacturing resource planning (MRP)

2. Material management system

3. Tools management system

4. Production planning system

5. Production performance system

6. Money Lending Management

Other customized solutions for our customers:-

7. Patient management system

8. Admission management system for medical centre

9. Radiology system

10. Audiometry management system (for ENT specialist)

11. Medical equipment maintenance system

12. Panel system

13. Customized Inventory System

14. Customized invoicing system

15. Point of sales (POS)

16. Restaurant POS

17. Cheque book management system

18. Transaction journal (a simplified version of general ledger)

19. Law firm management

20. Barcode label utility program

21. Magazine distribution system

22. Newspaper distribution system (for newspaper supplier)

23. Newspaper vendor system

24. Used material management system (for scrap metal industry)

25. Institute management system (full package)

26. Institute management system (lite edition)

27. Car workshop management system

28. Recruitment management system

29. Recruitment billing system

30. Club management system (sistem koperasi)

31. Project management system

32. Transport management system

33. Customized Payroll System

34. Business Journal System (for Farm Maintenance)

35. Water Delivery Management System